About the Podcast

Alidade: an audio map is a podcast oral history collection project dedicated to collecting, transmitting, and archiving the stories of everyday people. The stories we look for are about people from all over and in different cultural, ethnic, political, and socioeconomic situations. We give people the chance to tell their own stories in their own words.

The central concept of Alidade: an audio map is that while everyone knows the big stories – or, the larger geography, if you will – that the real story of where we are as a country and as a world exists in the narratives of individual people’s lives.

We approach the production of this podcast as an oral history collection project; as such, we strive to avoid any commentary on the part of the researcher/host. Although we may have to sometimes edit for the sake of broadcast time, we demonstrate respect for our narrators by retaining the integrity of the narrator’s perspective, recognizing the subjectivity of the interview, and interpreting and contextualizing the narrative according to the professional standards of any applicable scholarly disciplines. We are dedicated to being sensitive to the communities we research, taking care not to reinforce thoughtless stereotypes.